The Darcy Gerow Podcast
The Darcy Gerow Podcast
Episode #37 with Ryan McMaken and Cory Morgan

Episode #37 with Ryan McMaken and Cory Morgan

Two of my favorite secessionists in one episode. Both have relatively new books on the subject of secession.

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Secession is a hot topic these days and today we have two experts on the subject.

First up is Ryan McMaken, senior editor at the Mises Institute. His new book is called Breaking Away, The Case for Secession, Radical Decentralization, and Smaller Polities.

Next up is Cory Morgan, political activist, columnist, host of the Cory Morgan Show and author of The Sovereigntists Handbook, Charting the Course to Western Independence.

“The issue of Canada is important because that’s an example of a country with a similar cultural background [to the U.S.] and the same language. So, when people will say ‘If America were into [smaller] pieces, then they would immediately be in a state of war with each other.’ . . And then I ask why has the United States been at peace with Canada since 1815?” -Ryan McMaken

Ryan McMaken does a fantastic job of exposing the flaws in anti-secession arguments. It’s even comical when those arguments are put into the proper context.

But say you don’t need to be convinced of the benefits that decentralization and smaller polities provide, then what? Well, that’s why Cory Morgan talks strategy.

Cory Morgan will be at the Capitalism & Morality Calgary Event on Staurday, May 20th, 2023, where you will have the chance to ask questions and get your hands on his book.

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