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Episode #34 with Aaron Gunn

Episode #34 with Aaron Gunn

Aaron Gunn is the producer and director of the hit online series Politics Explained. He joins us today to talk about his documentary Vancouver is Dying.

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Vancouver is dying.

Aaron Gunn has made a name for himself with his hit online series Politics Explained. In it he’s covered subjects where common sense seems to be completely absent from the conversation.

When the outrage mob and left-wing activist politicians in Victoria tore down the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald, Aaron was there and became an authority on the subject.

“. . .because the media and political activists in this country are so lazy, they just copy and paste things from the United States. . .” -Aaron Gunn

Obviously, Canadian history is different from American history and Macdonald is different than American historical figures. We talk about how an activist, left-wing city council in Victoria set a precedent for the destruction of not just statues, but Canadian history.

Even if you disagree with the views of historical figures, is it better to erase them? If your story is not supported by actual historical fact, then sure, tear down a statue, censor historical facts and hide behind false virtue and politically correct woke nonsense.

Vancouver is dying. Policies that incentivize open drug use, invasions of property rights and random violent attacks have led to a societal decay which is unprecedented in the modern western world. It is truly horrifying. You don’t have to turn on Netflix to see zombies, it’s not even contained to East Hastings anymore. Many small towns across B.C. are experiencing the same thing due to mimicking the same terrible policies.

Twenty years ago politicians were criticized for subsidizing drug addiction through public health care. Now they’re barely criticized for handing out free heroin to the criminally insane.

People in Vancouver are being randomly struck across the head with blunt objects and then forced to subsidize the drug addiction and degenerate lifestyle of the person who hit them. I know it sounds like a metaphor for government. I wish it was only that.

We get into it and more!

And don’t forget. . .

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