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Jan 12·edited Jan 13

Jayant reminds me of the house slave from one of the parables of Malcolm X. Jayant also reminds me of the role Samuel Jackson played in the movie "Django Unchained". A certified thoroughbred slave from a developing country that believes he is superior and privileged than his kind, and unconditionally loves his master. In fact, if humans were ever available as pets for adoption, Jayant would be first on my list as he would be better than a dog as he can bark, do tricks and TALK in turns. Anyway, I can only say Jayant seems to be very frustrated that he has to share his masters with his brethren. A lot of assumptions that are nothing but hog wash. Lastly, Jayant should be assured that no one is going to take over his job of licking his masters’ boots, and more. That’s his colonial and inclusive right.

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